Enhance your child’s learning experiences with our friendly AI Pal!

Boost their cognitive engagement through fun and interactive conversations.

Why Choose Palzi?

Interactive Learning

Palzi engages your child in conversations that reinforce and enhance their learning experiences.

Parent Insights

Get summaries of your child’s interactions with questions to further stimulate their critical thinking.

Safe and Secure

Palzi is designed to be child-safe, and parents can monitor all conversations. We never sell your data.

Organic Learning

Palzi learns with your child, asking about past experiences in a natural and engaging way.

Monitor and Engage with Ease

With Palzi’s parent portal, you can monitor your child’s interactions and receive tailored questions to further their critical thinking and learning.


Enjoy a free trial for one month! After that, continue using Palzi for just $8 per month per child.

Advanced and Secure AI

Our AI uses the most advanced OpenAI model, ensuring conversations are appropriate and highly engaging.

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